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by wildpoet, posted 06/02/09 01:27:52   » Electronic Music

My Electronic Music Online As of today, June 1st, 2009, I began to upload several electronic music that I created, some old and some very new. I am sharing the work to everyone who can listen and enjoy my work. Feedback, suggestions, concerns, or whatever are welcome. The comments about my work could help me improve my work or go where ever the work needs to go.

I am a poet and performing artist in this field of work. I use GarageBand software in Leopard Mac laptop with a M-Audio system and power speakers. I write poems, speak the poems into the built-in microphone in the Mac laptop, and then compose the electronic music. Once completed, I play the work and translate the recorded spoken poems into American Sign Language (ASL). I have been performing this to the public for about 5 years.


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