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Vibesware Guitar Resonators are effect devices for guitar feedback playing introduced in 2008. It agitate one or multiple strings by a magnetic field from a driver mounted on a stand. It works with every guitar that has steel strings and pickup(s). Accustic guitars with piezo's can be applied also. Guitar players don't need to modify their guitar, which is different to guitar integrated sustainers available on the market.************************************
Recording Magazine GR-1 Review Nov. 2009:

"In a marketplace filled with seemingly endless choices of guitar effects and plug-ins (both hardware and software), German company Vibesware has met the challenge of creating a truly unique device. The GR-1 Guitar Resonator gives the player a way to get many of the feedback effects that can be coaxed from a cranked-up guitar amp, but does so in a way that’s quiet, controllable, expressive... and fun.

What does it do?

The GR-1 uses an electromagnetic field to make guitar strings vibrate, but it has advantages over the existing products that give this effect, the Heet EBow and the Sustainiac. The EBow is an electromagnet which is held in the picking hand; it effects primarily one string at a time in a continuously sustained bowing fashion, but it can be somewhat tricky to draw out harmonics. The Sustainiac is a special resonator that takes the place of a guitar’s neck pickup; it can sustain all strings at once, but again harmonics can be hard to get, and many players don’t want to alter their guitars.

The GR-1, in contrast, is an electromagnet mounted on a mic stand (its own, or sharing with a vocal mic) facing the guitarist, who simply moves close to it when he wants to use it. This allows for single or multiple string sustain while also enabling the player to draw out various harmonics across the length of the string. The unit does not require the player to hold it in his or her hand in place of a pick, nor does it require a retrofit of the guitar's hardware. Also, being powered from AC rather than a battery, it has a much stronger magnetic field and can be set to produce its effect more easily.

The GR-1 draws out the sustained harmonics of the guitar just like high-volume amplifier feedback, but the effect is entirely controllable by the player. The result is most akin to the loud stage volume feedback effect made popular by Jimi Hendrix, while playing in the privacy of the studio or with headphones. There is no need to position one’s amp in a specific place, and the player has full control over the subtleties of harmonic feedback."

The new GR-Junior has a compact design. It concentrates 3 Watt Resonator Power in a small enclosure at the gooseneck which also includes input/output plugs. It has a slider switch for harmonic mode switching and a blue status LED at the Resonator head.
Vibesware developed this new model to provice an easy to use universal "feedback tool" especially for home and studio recording.

To offer many features of the GR-1 with a low price point is what the target was and we feel we hit the mark with this product. There is no other tool on the market which provides natural feedback while playing normal with both hands, at any sound volume and without the need to modify your guitar. One target application is direct recording the guitar signal into the PC using guitar amp modelling software combined with the GR-Junior. By this natural sounding amp feedback becomes available for homerecording which cannot be created by guitar amp modelling at all", says Markus Pahl, CEO of Vibesware and inventor of the Guitar Resonator.

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