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 World Rise Above, posted 01/29/12 19:36:13 comments 0

     Adventurous, Creative, Inspirational, Empowering and life-changing is a respectable way to sum up World Rise Above’s music ministry. World Rise Above, a very dynamic group who has touched many, consists of members mother and daughter, Evangelist Rochelle Payne (Stage name “Shelly P”) as well as Evangelist Diva Payne. From recording and performing gospel music, they have also gone to music genres such as pop, rock, soul, and hip-hop (all of which consist of a positive theme). World Rise Above has won an award for best gospel artist in 2010 for the Alliance for community media in Pittsburgh, PA. World Rise Above’s motto is “Clean Music Is Good For The Soul”.

     In today’s world, we need a gospel group like World Rise Above to influence the lives of our young people as well as the adults to listen to music that will help build and motivate.

    “We are not just another group trying to put on a show but we are here to save and touch souls through our music. God has predestined a divine calling on the human race and it’s up to us to respond. We respond through our music”- Shelly P

    “We’re here to create stronger vessels and win souls for God. From the intense lyrics, to the singing, and to the rapping you can feel the movement of God. The world as a whole has withered tough experiences, we can truly feel the pain and hurt but this is where This Is Our Lives Album will come into play and help heal the wombs.”- Evangelist Diva Payne




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