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in my hood (i'm so hood remix)

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by the kid, posted 09/22/07 20:05:42   » Welcome

Welcome to the kid's hip-hop site.I have sites all over the web promoting my underground music.
I have rapped for about 7 years and don't plan on quitting anytime soon!!

About the kid

by the kid, posted 09/22/07 21:24:16   » About the kid

About the kid The kid is a locally known m.c from peterborough ontario.His real name is robert artur parker.He raps with a group called the sick click containing of himself and his two boys roch, and c-white.He as been rapping for about 7 years and has done 8 0r 9 cd's with the sick click.He is currently working on his first solo cd TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT which should be done before the end of the year (07).He makes beats for the sick click but is currently using commercial beats for his underground solo cd.

my unsigned artist radio station

by the kid, posted 09/22/07 20:08:16   » Unsigned artists radio station

My radio station is strictly to promote unsigned artists, if you are an unsigned artist that would like your song on my radio station email me the url link to your song at .I will listen to the track and add it to the station if requirements are met.If you don't have a url ink try signing up for and upload your song on there they should give you a link.

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